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Creating masterful and exciting coffee is not an easy task, and it takes more than a culinary artist to awaken the hidden natural flavors found in these small beans. But founder and roastmaster Bobby Grover does just that with 11 Roasters Coffees. Part physicist, part virtuoso, Bobby blends science and art together to harvest beautiful nuances in some of the finest coffee you’ll ever taste. When Bobby founded the 11Roasters Coffee Company with ex-NFL star, Drew Bledsoe, they had one goal in mind – to produce the best coffee in the world.

Every year, we sample-roast hundreds of pounds of coffee to find the perfect roast profile for each bean that we offer. We look for coffee grown in the best regions of Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia. And then, we select coffee from the best micro-lots available within those regions, resulting in some of the finest beans available in the world.

Various regions have different characteristics which are passed on to the beans creating a variety of product with distinct flavors. But finding those great beans is only part of the equation when it comes to a great cup of coffee. Converting those beans into a rich, silky-smooth, delectable, finished product is where the 11R magic truly begins.

Nestled in the highlands of Central Oregon, 11 Roasters works around the clock roasting magnificent coffee worthy of the 11 Roasters brand. Blending and roasting to bring out nuances and flavors such as mocha, blueberries and caramel through artistry and chemistry, Bobby is constantly striving to produce an even more delicious cup of coffee. Our coffee beans have a beautiful roasted color, they are not black because we do not believe that any bean should be taken to the point of carbonization. The oil is still inside the bean, holding the flavors together, where it belongs. Every batch is meticulously watched and every roast is charted to ensure consistency. The result – coffee that is so smooth, balanced and naturally sweet you’d swear cream and sugar had been added when you weren’t looking.

Discover the taste of a true premium coffee with 11 Roasters. We aren’t interested in being the biggest – we only want to be the best.